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You're an audience member at a Foreign Islands show. Do you dance? Do you headbang? Do you join the surging mosh-pit? Do you turn to your neighbor, raise your eyebrows in amazement, and exclaim "This is soooo awesome!" ?

The answer? All of the above. Foreign Islands combine punky music with electronics and straight-up dance beats, so it's only normal that their stageshow should incite so many different reactions. [The only thing that won't change is the exclamation about how awesome everything is. That stays the same.] So download the video, listen up, and hear what happens when a musical batch of hardcore veterans decide to hit the dance floor.

Artist Bio

Brooklyn's dance-punk band Foreign Islands formed in spring of 2005 when vocalist Mark Ryan, who had been involved in the hardcore scene, joined forces with guitarist Dean Baltulonis. After attempts at a few projects, they recruited drummer Andy Action, bassist Johnny McAuliffe, and guitarist James Gelini. The band's first show came in July 2005, after they'd been playing together for only a month. They self-released a debut EP that August.

- AllMusic.com


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Foreign Islands

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