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Frontman Ken Griffin is a natural performer, and he approaches his vocal duties with all the bravado and vibrato of a lounge singer. Griffin sings in a rich baritone from the front of the stage, so close to the audience that they can practically trace their fingers on the patterns of his dapper scarf. If Griffin had never met the remaining members of Favourite Sons, the singer could've make a fine living crooning for the upper-crust folks in fine restaurants and luxury hotel lobbies.

But Griffin's no Tony Bennet. His lyrics are dark, his presence broody, his songs anthemic. The Favourite Sons specialize in classic bar-band rock, with songs like "Hang On, Girl" boasting a foot-clapping, sing-along, fist-pumping sound. And when Griffin's tremulous croon gets the best of the band, they embrace their singer's loneliness with such tracks as "Pistols & Girls" - a marching, militant salute to the forces that inspire this solid group.
-Andrew Leahey

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Favourite Sons formed from the ashes of the Philly-based group Aspera, who moved to New York in 2004 after parting ways with their vocalist. That summer, bassist Matthew Werth and guitarist Justin Tripp came across another singer: Ken Griffin, formerly of Rollerskate Skinny. Griffin had spent years amassing a new arsenal of songs inspired by Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Nina Simone. Griffin soon joined forces with this singer-less group (which also included guitarist Carmine Degerraro and drummer AJ Edminston), and Favourite Sons was born.

The four-song Treason EP was released in the UK in 2005. After a successful European tour in support of that record, Favourite Sons returned home and signed a deal with Vice Recordings. Down Beside Your Beauty, the group's first full-length, was released in September 2006.


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