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Some might call Van Pierszalowski nautically inclined. His projects -- first Port O'Brien, and now WATERS -- always seem interested in the wide, expansive sea. Out In The Light finds Pierszalowski exploring a more explosive sound, generally infusing more of his patented sea-hooks with gritty electricity. From the heart-crushing sentiments of "Abridge My Love" to the frenetic acceleration of hopeful "For The One," WATERS represents as much of a personal rebirth for the singer as an artistic one. And never is the authentic emotional crest more evident than in our captured SXSW set. Van's captivating enthusiasm on stage can leave no trace of doubt about the deep, potent connection he has with these songs. They are mini-hurricanes of emotional ecstasy, jostling between turmoil and triumph like the ebb and flow of the chilly Arctic Sea. And yet, somehow, you come out the other end of the storm feeling warmer and stronger than ever before. Watch the full concert, and see what we mean.

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Spring 2010 saw the demise of Port OBrien, and founding member/front man Van Pierszalowski needed a break from the hectic, wonderful mess that is touring. He stumbled into respite in Oslo, Norway, and spent some time away from making music. Van explored the new city, swam in the Norwegian fjords, enjoyed the weather and the experience of seasons changing. He found his bearings and fell in love again.

Inspiration arrived and as he wrote, Van was compelled to fuel the process further by changing his environment once more. He spent most of the next year traveling: to Alaska, where hed spent summers working on his fathers commercial salmon fishing boat; to California, where hed grown up in a seaside town off Highway 1; and eventually to New York, where in Brooklyn he endured relentless blizzards and a cold nearly reminiscent of Oslo.

Van gave his new project a name: WATERS. These new songs he wrote veered away from the frequently loose, punchy anthems of Port OBrien, and as he intensively pieced each one together, he sought a bigger sound something louder than he could play on his own. So Van returned to Oslo, where his new journey had begun. He put together a band of fine Norwegian gentlemen and spent every day of the next two months rehearsing in a small practice space outside of the city.

This band went with Van to Dallas, Texas, to record with producer John Congleton. Over a brief 10-day recording session in April, Congleton who has worked on some of Vans favorite albums (by artists including St. Vincent, Bill Callahan, and yes, R. Kelly) kept the production stark, maintaining the songs intimacy and emotional intensity. Out In The Light has a louder, fuller, more aggressive and raw sound than any of Vans earlier works. Its a mix of fuzzy, pealing guitars and crashing drums, and easy, alternately soaring and languid, indelible melodies.

According to Van, "The record is about waking up. It is about getting out of a situation that seems endless, and realizing youre not too old to make dramatic and sudden changes in your life. It is about starting over."



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