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Our once little Launch Pad is all grown up, and a performance from the exuberant British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith proved it so during our recent inhabitance down in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest. Music journalists and photographers from an array of industry-leading media sources (New York Times and NPR to name a few) flocked to the little dive that we've called home every March the past few years for their chance to snap a photo of the colorful enchantress. And for good reason.

The red-dressed Paloma took the stage alongside a pair of brilliantly sequined backup divas to deliver an empowering set off her highly acclaimed, sophomore studio album Fall to Grace. In addition to the collection of stellar songs, the frontwoman frequented the mic with her British charm, which was of course interwoven with her sarcastic wit and sense of humor. A particular favorite was a song intro highlighted by her tempting invite: "Fuck the system. Let's just take our clothes off and snog each other."

We've certainly fallen for the little woman behind that big voice, and we're confident you will as well once you've experienced Miss Faith in full form in our exclusive concert video.

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Be prepared for all your senses to be touched. I fly sometimes, sometimes I land with a thud. I am never what you think as I am multiple. Sometimes what isn't said is more powerful than what is. I hope to grow and surprise you with what you least expect but realise that predictability is not a negative thing. The mundane can be beautiful. So can the extraordinary.....



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Paloma Faith

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