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Though RACES' don a speedy musical epithet, the newly minted sextet deal in a classic assortment of riff rock, reined in at heavy and steady mid tempos, and sweetened up along the way by honeyed, boy-girl harmonies. Lead by singer Wade Ryff, the haphazard pack of musicians apparently "escaped the sweaty grips of multiple bands, the San Fernando Valley, and a real life witch." In between songs the band dish on what this all means, including how that last bit of spooky information helped inspire the title for the band's debut album. To see its' release through, they recently endeared themselves to our pals at Frenchkiss, preparing a single last month to tease the March 2012 release of The Year of the Witch. We're betting it'll be of the highly anticipated variety. All of which makes the band's appearance at our Launch Pad event a preview of what's to come. So, seeing as you're ahead of the curve on this one, we suggest taking your sweet time and savoring the fuzzy goodness these laid back Californians churn out. After all, this ain't no race to the finish line...just a good solid set from a promising new band we think you should know about.

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RACES (formerly known as Black Jesus) formed in the fall of 2009 after singer/songwriter Wade Ryff escaped the sweaty grips of multiple bands, the San Fernando Valley and a real life witch. Originally formed as an impromptu group assembled for a one time performance, this haphazard ensemble of 6 musicians decided to continue playing together and see what opportunities came their way. RACES have recently signed to Frenchkiss Records, who will be releasing their self-recorded and produced debut album early next year.



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