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Tracing the musical branches of Kopecky Family Band leads to interesting places. Way out at the tips are the various fruits of these Tennesseans' labor-- crunchy guitar, big ole bits of rhythmic backbone, accentuating flairs of trombone and cello, and boy-girl vocals that intertwine and unwind in completely gratifying ways. It's tantalizing stuff, pedaling the rich and emotive storylines that are at the heart of their music. Follow the linage back though and its evident that their creative bounties are the result of the roots they have dug with one another-- the relationships and experiences they have all shared since their formation back in 2007. This family tree is firmly rooted, and as you'll see from our latest concert release, is producing some serious sounds, all ripe for the harvest.

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"Family" is a word that encompasses a variety of definitions. With that in mind, let this introduction to Kopecky Family Band be taken with an open mind and with a grain of salt. This family is connected not by blood or by heritage, but by circumstance. No, this is a family bound by the miles on their odometer and by the songs they have crafted over the years. These six young musicians have created a family through their commitment to each other and to their craft. Crack open your dictionary, if you need to.

the Kopecky Family Band a non-traditional family, at that is dynamic, and they wield an equally dynamic slew of instruments. Their thoughtful songwriting is supported by a diverse backdrop of sound. And the musical canvas is covered with broad brushstrokes ranging from clanging tambourines and guitars, booming percussion, intelligent string arrangements, and triumphant horns. These six bandmates siblings, if you will swap their musical tools without a second thought, creating an emotive, adventurous, and energetic environment onstage.

In late 2007, founding members Kelsey Kopecky and Gabriel Simon became united with four friends who shared a mutual vision. They planted seeds that have been nurtured for the past five years through persistent touring and recording and those seeds are rapidly reaching maturity. With thousands of miles traveled, and surely thousands to come, the Kopecky Family Band is only just beginning their adventure and they want to bring you along for the ride.



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