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Andy States began Cruiser in the walk-in closet of his Inner city loft in Philadelphia. What began as a personal recording project would later have its fuse lit when Jeremy Park, the producer behind Youth Lagoon's break-out debut The Year of Hibernation, offered to give States' recordings the polish they would need. Since releasing the EP, States has put together a sharp outfit, made a whole hell of a lot of racket in his local Philly scene, and recently made his first journey up I-95 to our mega metro area to start seeding NYC with his snappy, razor sharp guitar rock. We were waiting with our cameras when he got here. Much like when Youth Lagoon burst onto the scene a year ago, Cruiser's exciting performance here captures a band in its adolescence, emoting raw rock and roll declarations for a tightly packed gathering of music fans discovering something they love for the first time. We hope our concert capture with Cruiser offers you the very same feeling.

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Cruiser, a solo project by Philadelphia native Andy States, was, in large part, born and raised in the walk-in closet of a inner city loft. States' efforts came to fruition when Jeremy Park, producer of Youth Lagoon's The Year of Hibernation, offered to produce Cruiser's first EP after hearing some of his self-recorded demos. With its infectious melodies and beachy guitars, Cruiser captures the carefree essence of the summer months. Whether enjoyed in good company or completely alone, quite simply, Cruiser is meant to make you feel good.



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