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New York City has hundreds of buzz bands. They saturate the city's clubs, bars, theaters, and ballrooms. With such an overwhelming amount of music coming out of New York, how can a poor fan expect to keep up?

For starters, you can highlight The PRiMMS on your list of "must-see" groups. The PRiMMS aren't a regular New York buzz band, per se – they're a British New York buzz band, and those UK roots make all the difference. The group struts around the Knitting Factory's stage, cocky and assured, spewing out garage/rock/post-punk tunes with the efficiency of a Sheffield steel factory. They know they're newcomers to the NYC scene, and they're more than willing to work themselves into a sweaty, beer-fueled mess for our approval.

"F***in' A, it's a Corona with a lime!" exclaims frontman Andy Redman, pausing between songs to take a drink. "This is a cocktail for a PRiMM. A cocktail. Fruit in a beer…" And then the hard-drinking PRiMMS launch themselves into another soon-to-be hit, with lights flashing and fans cheering and BaebleMusic filming. Prim ‘n' proper, they're not. But they're certainly buzzworthy, and they're definitely welcome to rock this city anytime.

-Andrew Leahey

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The PRiMMS consist of vocalist/guitarist Andy Redman, lead guitarist Gavin Perry, bassist Adam Perry, and drummer Rob Allen. Although the band has its roots in London, The PRiMMS recently relocated to New York City with only their instruments, several recorded tracks, and $317.68 in tow. The band was virtually unknown upon its arrival, despite the success of their first radio single "Do You Know the Future" in the UK. Still, their new environment complemented the band's post-punky rock music, and The PRiMMS began carving a name for themselves in America.

The band's first EP, A Long Way From Eden, was released in the summer of 2006. A following EP will be released in early 2007, with a full-length album to follow that Fall.

- Andrew Leahey


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