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Last month Kansas City quartet Vedera swung by the Guest Apartment, breaking a few songs from their slick stock of heartfelt rock and roll down into their organic components. Where their recently released album Stages is the product of the kind of production most bands only dream of, songs like "Satisfy", "Loving Ghosts", and "A World Apart" leave the electricity, the processing, and the glowing ambience behind. Instead, guitarist Brian Little favors the acoustic guitar, Jason Douglas dials his bass work back just a bit, and drummer Drew Little provides the rhythmic flourishes via an Afro-Peruvian drum called a cajon. The result is a set of scaled back songs that focus on Kristin May's lovely, sometimes lilting vocals. It's a bit more informal than their album, sure. But the results are no less endearing. - David Pitz

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At once aggressive, atmospheric, and emotionally forceful, Vedera is a four-piece indie rock band from Kansas City, MO. Vocalist/guitarist Kristen May and lead guitarist Brian Little first worked together in a band called Red Authentic; following that group's split during the spring of 2004, the two joined forces with bassist Jason Douglas and drummer Drew Little (Brian's younger brother, who was in high school when the band first formed). The group was named Veda, in part for "Vedha," a Hindu word meaning "sacred writings" and in part for Vada, the character played by Anna Chulmsky in the 1991 film My Girl. The new band quickly went into the studio and released its first EP, This Broken City, though Second Nature Recordings, a Kansas City-based independent label. Veda subsequently landed tours opening for Mute Math and Owen while also sharing stages with the likes of Underoath, Thrice, and Communiqu.

In 2006, the group released its first full-length album, The Weight of an Empty Room, before changing its name from Veda to Vedera to avoid legal action from a similarly named group. Vedera wasted little time establishing the new moniker, as the group reissued The Weight of an Empty Room and logged more road work during the subsequent months, including a co-headlining a tour with Dear and the Headlights. Vedera announced plans in early 2007 to return to the studio in the summer for work on a second album, which would mark the band's first release for Epic Records. The final product, Stages, arrived in digital format in October 2009. - all music guide


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