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Though they've harnessed themselves the namesake of renowned 60s/70s singer-songwriter Peggy Sue as their own, the three musicians featured in our latest session of the Guest Apartment sound nothing of the country sort. No, Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw, and Olly meddle in the kind of swarthy vocal harmonies, moody guitar morsels, and cut and paste percussive rhythms that nudge their English folk in to refreshing, bluesy directions. Nothing too smooth, nothing too glossy. Just an edgy sounding trio piecing together their homegrown sound, and winning over listeners with their own unique, endearing makeup in the process. - David Pitz

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The Lover Gone EP, the third from UK folk-pop group Peggy Sue, is fueled by the idea that best friends make better music. Katy Klaw, Rosa Rex and drummer Olly Olly Olly have been tagged with indie nomenclature from post-folk to anti-soul, but elementally the trio is a shambolic concoction of acoustic instruments, wry lyricism sung atop chugging gypsy rhythms, off-kilter duets and creative percussion. Handmade instruments and unique vocal interplay add to a kitchen sink approach to music-making, resulting in a playfully dark aesthetic for the duo and a soulful rendition of rainy British love songs.

"The Lover Gone EP will be available digitally and as a limited edition physical CD on 7/7/09. The physical version will feature two bonus tracks and a do-it-yourself shadow puppet theatre. This exclusive pressing will be limited to 250 peices and will be sold through www.yeproc.com and at select indie retailers.

Fresh from shows in Los Angeles, at SXSW and supporting Ladyhawke in NYC, Peggy Sue Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw & Olly Olly Olly have crossed the bridge to Brooklyn to begin work on what will become their debut album. Recording with The Dodos' producer John Askew at Atlantic Sound Studio before heading over to Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Two Gallants) at Future Shock. They are playing two US shows while they're back in the states... don't miss them this time around!


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