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She speaks of being transported to other worlds the moment she places her hands on an instrument. She suggests music might be the best language in which to communicate. A little digging into her childhood past reveals a funny little habit of imagining fictional universes in boundless detail. And even as she pursued a career in ballet she did so knowing that it was truly the musical accompaniment that offered her the most intense vehicle for her own expression. So when an injury derailed her schooling at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy, it was only logical that Nanna land Fabricius - aka Oh Land - turned to the music she loved to reignite her creative passion, sending her off on an exciting new career tangent.

In this inventive new segment of The Guest Apartment, Oh Land takes you to the roof of our headquarters for a "picnic style session" that's unlike any we've ever previously encountered. Inspirations from the likes of Bjork, Portishead, and Broadcast seem evident enough, but Nannas skittish, electronic numbers suggest shes using those directional queues to find her own place with her music. Where will it take her? With an American debut slated to drop via Epic Records sometime in the new future, its hard to say. In her own words though she imagines "a meeting place between something that is classic and something that is new and very futuristic". I guess you could call that her very own land...Oh Land. - David Pitz

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Oh Land is a peculiar new cinematic electropop Dane who recently sailed across the sea to the artistic haven of Brooklyn, NY. With an opera singer for a mother, a theater organist for a father and Bjrk's Homogenic on constant rotation, Oh Land was enraptured by the combination of experimental and classical arts. "My goal is to sound like I'm from 2050, but still feel really classic, like the music is an old friend," said Oh Land. She spent her days pirouetting as a ballet dancer at the Danish Royal Ballet Academy when an injury forced her to reinvent herself and discover her true talent and passion as a musician. Oh Land soon released her first album, Fauna, which garnered critical acclaim in her homeland of Denmark. Her soundscapes are lavish, crunchy, symphonic, brute and captivated with rhythms that fly apart. She translates the sounds live via her "contraption" - a homemade one-woman-band music box topped with balloon video projections (seeing is believing). Her music is for movement and new songs such as the thumping "Sun of a Gun" and euphoric "White Nights" have proven to make even the most portentous get up and dance. Having been discovered by Epic Records at 2009's SXSW, she is currently putting the finishing touches on her US debut album and an EP to be released this fall.



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