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He's pocketed his home town as his namesake, most likely so the world knows exactly where he's coming from. Langhorne; a tiny speck on the Pennsylvania map just north of Philadelphia. A town that's just like any other small town, save the fact that Langhorne Slim is a product of it's past. And what a product he is. A wily-eyed, 29 year old country folkie who's as free spirited (no, more!) as any musician who's previously stopped by the crazy, cozy confines of the Guest Apartment.

In our latest session, Mr. Slim (real name Sean Scolnick) leads an impressive group of malicious, melody makers (Malachi DeLorenzo on drums, David Moore on the Banjo, and Jeff Ratner on the stand-up bass) in a wicked set of songs from their recently released third album, Be Set Free (Kemado). Shaking the crusty old floor boards, climbing the apartment walls, and pouncing on the forgiving furniture...this here performance is inspired and bold; a hell-bent hootenanny that left us scratching our fat, befuddled heads as to where exactly the refreshing folks we just hosted hail from.

A "Land of Dreams", it seems. A place where that which gets you down doesn't get you down for too long. A place where satisfied break-up tunes like "I Love You, But Goodbye" (imagine "Don't Think Twice, It's All right", in a way) helps to tame the troubled mind. A place where a giddy, call and response romp - in this case "Cinderella" - provides an optimistic healing point. That place is Langhorne PA...or at least the places of the mind one of it's most genuine, former residents whisks his listener to. - David Pitz

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Outside of Philadelphia I was born and raised, and in the playground I spent quite a few of my younger days. At the time I had a preference for brunettes but years pass and we change. When my tendencies turned toward blondes I began to hear the call of the big rotten apple and at eighteen, away I went. Gone were the lonely, sweaty summer nights of PA. The crickets were still cricken' but not in my ears. I was in New York and I was looking for action. Some crave love, some seek danger but I was on the hunt for open mics and not to bragI found 'em. In a section of the city once referred to as alphabet on the lower east side there lurks a lot of white guys with acoustic guitars. This minor mass of songsters would meet one, two and sometimes three times a week in the back of bars, smoking, drinking and sharing with each other our newest creations. It was there that I met some good friends and came of age beginning to play my own shows and tour.

One of the most endearing and standout qualities of Slim's live shows is the sureness that one is always entering a genuine gospel-like musical experience full of little miracles. Be Set Free has captured this charisma and spirit -the "hold your heart" moments and "raise a drink" dance vibes shine throughout with lush string arrangements and the fine sonic talents of drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and new bassist Jeff Ratner. Langhorne's stronger than ever vocals lead the journey blending his poetry through the beautiful chaos and bearing a wisdom that reflects a broken heart battling the perils of true hope.

Be Set Free is Langhorne's most cinematic and cohesive effort to date. Slim has truly reached a point of light where these songs come from wide-eyed maturity and mastered craft.

Gut wrenching lyrics and gorgeous merry melodies-it would be easy to categorize it as folk, but this time-it's much more complex than just that slice of pie. Sweet hallelujah choruses bleed throughout tracks like "Land Of Dreams" and "Say Yes" and turn to the darkness of blues filled "I Love You, But Goodbye". - Kemado



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