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This was as comfortable a session as they come...Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun and her publicist easily braving the mighty 5 story climb to the guest apartment, and settling right in for a warm, glowing acoustic session of a few songs, as well as some candid conversation. In this, our latest Guest Apartment release, Brun discusses both her own personal history behind the guitar, and the slow yet steady rise through the ranks of some of the finest contemporary songwriters alive. It's a journey that was recently given a certified moon shot by a recent string of dates with Peter Gabriel. Brun also hints a bit at what might lay in store for her music in the future. All in all, this is a short enlightened look at a talented musician, all intercut with three endearing, acoustic performances of the songs that are making Brun an international wonder. - David Pitz


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Ane Brun is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist originally from Norway. Since 2000 she has lived in Stockholm, Sweden, where she started her own independent record label DetErMine Records together with The Tinys leadsinger Ellekari Larsson in 2002. Since then she has started her own Balloon Ranger Recordings, as DetErMine now is an artist collective.

Her debut album "Spending time with morgan" was the first to be released on their label, and it got great reviews and was released all over Europe in 2003. It was nominated in the Swedish Independent music awards "Manifest" 2003.

Her second album "A Temporary dive" was released in Europe, the US and in Japan. The album got wonderful reviews all over the world, and it gave her a Norwegian Grammy for best Female Artist 2005. She was nominated as best Norwegian Act on European MTV Music Awards 2005, best Norwegian song of the century (Norwegian National Radio) and best Swedish Female Pop Artist at the Grammis.

In November 2005 she released "Duets" which is an album consisting of 10 duets with 10 wonderful artists. The single "lift me" with Norwegian band Madrugada became a radio favorite, and gave her another Norwegian Grammy. The album "Duets" consists of songs feat. Teitur, Tobias Frberg, Liv Widell, Wendy McNeill, Ron Sexsmith, Syd Matters, Tingsek, Ellekari Larsson from The Tiny, Madrugada and Lars Bygden.

The last few years Ane Brun has been touring all over the world. After a tour with the DMF String Quintet, Staffan Johansson and Nina Kinert around Scandinavia in 2006, she released her first live album "Live in Scandinavia", winter 2007. The album is a collection of the songs from Ane's 3 first albums, but this time dressed up in new arrangements for strings.

Ane's fifth album, and third studio album, "Changing of the Seasons" was first released in 2008. The album was produced by Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjrk, Mm, Bonnie Prince Billy, Coco Rosie, Maps, and more).

"Sketches", an acoustic version of the same album was released 2009.

Ane's first live DVD "Ane Brun live at Stockholm Concert Hall" was released 2009. It consists of a live cd and a live DVD. The concert took place in Stockholm in October 2008.



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