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"I almost put myself in another dimension there...spaced the fuck out." That's A.A. Bondy's final account of his recent stop and stay at the Guest Apartment. He wasn't the only one falling through the wormhole over the course of his performance of three songs both new (from When The Devil's Loose) and old (American Hearts).

Leading with the appropriately titled "Slow Parade", Bondy performs here with a cool and measured stride, stroking his great guitar with an elegant push of the thumb, swigging age old pulls on his trusty harmonica, and letting the pebbles in his throat loosely tumble about to create that signature, gravely croon of his. Even when he sings of the trees dancing to his tunes ("I Can See the Pines are Dancing"), it's with the vision of a slow and stoic sway of nature in the mind's eye...nothing too chipper, nothing too over the top. To finish, it's a two year old tune that Bondy blows the dust off of. "There's A Reason" provides a final slow wonder, perfectly lazy in it's carouseling, 1-2-3 turn. Oh Bondy, oh Bondy. This Guest Apartment is an absolute beauty. We suggest you prepare yourself for the other dimension. - David Pitz

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Nobody remembers if Gladys Broussard won the bingo game by going across or down. She might have even won by going diagonal, which has always been kind of like cheating to me. Anyhow, they had to give her the prize: two 33 and 1/3 long playing albums. The first was a Kiss record. They looked awful, very dangerous. The other album was the Village People's Cruisin. It had a few men on the cover, relaxing on their toys. One had a big bulldozer, one an army jeep. Of course, the troublemaker had himself a chopper.

Gladys knew exactly what she was going to do with them. She gave this Kiss record to the Pegue boys who lived down the street and who were always getting in trouble. They couldn't drive the familys one working car in or out of the driveway without screeching the wheels and holding their middle finger up at their siblings left on the front porch. The Pegues played the record for about a month straight. Then it was stolen by the neighbor boy behind them. That boy was always lighting fires and torturing animals. Cant believe what he confessed to. We dont talk about him. His parents were always in church and they kept clothes spotless.

Thank god Gladys sent her grandson Cruisin. Otherwise, he might have ended up like some kind of weirdo, dressing up in some crazy costume pretending to be somebody he's not.



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