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This week's presentation from The Good Music Club brings us the brooding, pastoral rock of Lord Buffalo, an Austin-based group who self-describe their style as "experimental mud-folk." Howling frontman Daniel Jesse Pruitt may look like Jim James, but his growls are far more akin to Danzig, yet in lieu of ghoulish metal, he's backed by swampy Southern rock textures. Take a journey into the murky wilderness as its portrayed through a collection of Lord Buffalo's songs.

Artist Bio

Lord Buffalo has a knack for dark folk that often explodes into trembling yowls, canyon echos, great plains field noise, southern gothic admonitions and psychedelic gray matter. Playing with experimental/mud-folk styling, they created a new breed of mammal, one that likes full moons and whiskey and sleeping with a shotgun between its legs and carving its initials into the chest of any man, woman, or beast with a pine cone or a handful of river mud.



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Lord Buffalo

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