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Taking inventory of the most popular French bands, it might seem appropriate to assume an entire nation's contribution to pop music is, more or less, centered around a collective obsession with sexy, out of body anthems. Air, Daft Punk, Justice – all seem to employ hazy headed hypnotics and improvised bouts of bliss that unwind at a variety of different energy levels and tempos. Taking in the band's spectacle at The FADER CMJ Sideshow, it certainly seems as if Turzi share plenty in common with the fellow countrymen mentioned above. But this performance also reveals a band less concerned with songwriting, and more tuned in to experimenting with a variety of influences all at once.

Showering constant, heartbeat pulses with pill popping pellets of synths and pedal pumping guitar rage, the band's recently released Kemando debut, A, whips up a rather maddening and demented sound. Pump that through a massive PA, and Turzi translate into a high flying, artistic jam band, free basing on plenty of pent up mood and emotion. Like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, Turzi settle for nothing less than a sensational assault on their audience. The result is unlike anything else in our catalogue. -David Pitz

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Turzi lives and works in Paris / France. In his studio he records a series of musical flashes laconically swaying from performed music to electronic music. These long lists of sonic impressions reveal an audio guide to Turzi's introspective journeys. Narcotic and cinematic, they are devoted to mind elevation and expansion of the human soul. A selection of these work sessions is available on EP "Made under Authority" released by Record Makers in October 2005. Thanks to band REICH IV (from Steve Reich's "IV Organs") Turzi is able to bring "Made Under Authority" sweet hypnosis alive and on stage . Often drifting towards atmospheric violence and neurotic tension. Rhythmic section is tight and disciplined. Executing a subversive music score. Turzi's performances have been described as disciplinary rock.


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