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Even before High Places get going, this Brooklyn Duo immediately sparks intrigue with their rather impressive pile of percussive tid bits strewn across the FADER Sideshow stage. Once on their way, High Places aim for high art. Bells, shakers, clicks, and sticks…Rob Barber pounds out plenty to meet the listener's rhythmic fix. Add both an essence of tropicalia and Mary Pearson's champagne vocals, and High Places certainly carve out their own little exotic niche within our catalogue. - David Pitz

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Rob Barber and Mary Pearson might have started out trying to be the most un-New York sounding band in the city. But the duo's brand of highly rhythmic pyschedelia fits Williamsburg's grimey streets just fine. Giving electronic folk minimalism a rather lush and tropical treatment, High Places have issued three now out of print 7" inch singles. Look for a full length shortly. - David Pitz


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High Places

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