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Backed by the percussive sputters of Brooklyn duo High Places, Portland’s Adrian Orange certainly exudes an understated spirituality in performance; one that sounds inspired by equal parts blues, dub, and rock. Rarely rising above the CMJ chatter of the FADER Sideshow, this sporadic and improved performance definitely demands a close lean into the speakers. Once there however, Orange’s originality yields a whole slew of interesting timbres and perplexing lyrics.

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Going the Bill Callahan route, Adrian Orange dropped his Thanksgiving moniker and started drifting away from the fuzzy lo-fi folk sound that marked his humble beginnings as a soloist. After 2006's Cave Days and Moments he announced that he was interested moving in a dance-pop direction with a full band and released Bitches Is Lord later that year, staying true to his lo-fi form despite the addition of overdubbed electric guitar, bass, and drums to his compositions. In 2007, he hooked up with a massive 17-person backing group, complete with horn section, and recorded Adrian Orange & Her Band under the alias Adrian Orange & Her Band, as if his previous pseudonym wasn't confusing enough.


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Adrian Orange

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