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Over four days, we saw a wide variety of acts pass through the FADER Sideshow. Yet it was Hella's Aaron Ross that served up the ultimate change of pace. A man, a guitar, a voice, and some songs; check out Ross' performance below.

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Aptly described by its title, Aaron Ross’ solo effort Shapeshifter is more than a listening experience but a poetic endeavor that explores the scope of life. Each song tells a magnificently dynamic tale, complete with a lyrical imagery reminiscent of greats like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, and sung with the heartfelt resolve that makes Ross’ voice one-of-a-kind. At first listen, it’s hard to believe the front man for California rockers Hella had a cache of folk-inspired and orchestral-touched song secreted in his soul but as each verse unlocks his impassioned reflection it is clear they’ve been burgeoning since long ago.


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Aaron Ross

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