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Our newest addition to the Baeble Session video vault is England outfit, Fenech-Soler. Hot on the heels of their album release, Rituals, we teamed up with our friends at Cutty Sark and Caroline to help make the band's dream of being interviewed on a NYC rooftop and playing in the Big Apple a reality. The electropop four-piece has already made major waves across the pond and is eager to prove themselves all over again here in America. Their stripped down session including, "Last Forever," "Demons," and "All I Know" is testament enough that they're on their way to being your new favorite band.


- So this evening we're here for the Cutty Sark Sessions and we're going to kind of like completely strip everything down and play, All I know, Demons, Last Forever from our new record Rituals.
It should be a really good night and it feels very nice to be here in New York playing the songs like that.
So yeah we hope you enjoy them.
like a fairytale]
cause truth came first]
but I drifted away]
but I lost faith]
more give than take]
but there's a black cloud]
All I know is I did you wrong]
you'd be strong]
It was you and I]
stand the test of time?]
all the things we'd say]
like some cruel game]
right from the start]
all I know is I did you wrong]
- Thank You.
We have the pleasure of coming to New York a couple of times now maybe three times with the band and we absolutely love it here.
We love do some recording here really and kind of do some music here.
- I think every, every band, well certainly in the UK you know dreams about coming to, to the US and playing so I think, yeah.
My first real dream or goal was to, you know try and get signed and try and get an album where the music was actually getting out there.
So we're lucky enough to actually have that.
You know touring is such a huge part of what we love and why we love being a band as well.
- Well we're all kind of mates from a village back in the UK, and so we are just making music for fun really there are lots of records that we like.
And we like going out to gigs and watching DJ's and stuff.
So we wanted to start a band and that's what we did and it's quite relaxed at the start I guess and we've always been very DIY and done everything ourselves and it just got to the point that we weren't actually too sure what we are doing in the start then someone came in and just drew a line into the demos that we have, and said right that's your album and so that's was a real moment for us to put something out there, I think.
- Well the biggest goal was coming to New York and Manhattan and sitting on a rooftop being interviewed really that was a big one.
- Yes today has been a good day and our record is out yesterday.
So it feels very nice, this a song from that called Demons.
and I feel cold]
I need to get out before it starts]
and I know it's not the same]
you're the drug to ease my pain]
will you'll ever see me again]
and I just can't hide]
I keep running and I don't know why and I just can't hide]
I know it's not the same]
the drug to ease my pain]
will you'll ever see me again]
and I just can't hide]
and I just can't hide]
and I just can't hide]
- Cheers, thank you.
We have a record that came out yesterday in North America.
The name of the record is Rituals, the recording process became a ritual for us.
And it was actually the name of one of the very earliest demos when we were writing and it kind of hung around.
It didn't actually make the record in the end, but it hung around just on our kind of like white board in the studio for ages, and it just became I don't now, It just became a word that we associated with that period and I guess you know, like a everyone has their rituals we felt people could relate to it and I guess sloganeering, for me I like the way it looked, really quite simply.
I like the way it looked written down so.
- We worked out the acoustic version so yes things like, the things like this, but we've also done a set of white versions which is the showing the album in different line anyway it's slightly more complicated acoustic treatment.
Still have that natural element that really trip back and quite minimal.
So we did that anyway and we're moving of to do this things, we've taken it from there and it's quite, it's quite nice to change it up and see what it sounds like and hearing to elements of the songs that you know when you got really loud things and stuff - I don't know I was actually always influenced by acoustic music kind of grew up in the family that played acoustic music.
So growing up there's always acoustic guitars, and mandolins and fiddles, and stuff lying around, and so that's for me is always been something.
And I guess like lyrically it kind of changes sometimes the feeling like when the lyric is not over laid over this really like big sounding thing and their actually more stripped back can sometimes change the demeanor and meaning of the lyrics.
of the city together]
a warm embrace forever]
I could make you cry]
patterns in the sky]
- Thank you very much.
Thank you to Cutty Sark for letting us to be part of Sessions very proud.
Thank you.

Artist Bio

Glastonbury 2011. As Fenech-Solers set draws to a close in a packed tent filled with people who knew and adored their songs, the bands four members experience a flood of emotions. Fenech-Soler had reached a point that all young bands dream about- huge label backing, play-listed at BBC Radio One, a sold out tour and a premiere set at UKs most storied festival. This set marked not just the precipice of major success but also, the beginning of their enforced break as a band. Lead singer Ben had been diagnosed with cancer. Incredibly, Bens diagnosis repeated that of his brother Ross, guitarist in the band, many years before. After the fest, Ben returned home for an operation and then three rounds of chemotherapy in as many months, which then required several weeks of recuperation. Thanks to Bens immediate treatment, he was eventually given a clean bill of health and the band set out to head back to work. A slot opening for Phoenix and Miike Snow on an Australian tour brought the band back together in the live setting for the first time. Is anyone still going to care about the band? recalls bassist Daniel Soler of the bands collective fear before the shows. Their nerves were settled when they walked on stage and were greeted by a sea of faces and a crowd singing along. That reaction really gave us the drive to push things even further. It felt like the start of a new era.

Inspired by the brilliance of their touring partners during the Australian tour, Fenech-Soler turned such devastating news into a positive as they focused on improving as a live band. After Bens recovery, Glastonbury 2013 marked their UK return. A show that would prove to be their resurrection and they celebrated their resurgence with three sets at the festival. We wanted to make this right because we know that it could so easily have been taken away from us, affirms drummer Andrew. We wanted to put something out that we were really happy with because we know how fragile it is both the industry and anyone involved. It could easily end at any time.

Determined to build on the foundations of their debut album campaign, Glastonbury was the initial spark that ignited their creativity to deliver their second album Rituals (released late 2013 ex US), a euphoric concoction of pulsating energy born from their dance roots mixed with a new found desire to push the pop elements of their sound to the fore. Their distinct niche is electronic-based music delivered with a beating human heart. I think the pop element is certainly something that wasnt calculated, but also something that we didnt decide to turn our back on, begins vocalist Ben Duffy. For us, its been about paying attention to what makes a good song. We havent been afraid to make a pop record. Its about connecting with people on a universal level while remaining true to our roots.
Those roots were initially firmly established when the Northamptonshire quartet first came to the attention of Daft Punk collaborator Alan Braxe in 2009, who subsequently signed the group to his retro-futurist Parisian label Vulture to issue their debut single 'The Cult of Romance. Subsequent releases 'Lies and 'Stop & Stare on the forward-thinking independent electronic label Moda only accentuated their growing reputation, as did their appearance on a Kitsune compilation the patronage of Groove Armada who took Fenech-Soler on tour and and had the band guest on their single Paper Romance.

With a stalled UK campaign, the band was unable to tour in the US properly. Their first release in the states will be an EP out on SO Recordings/ Caroline this March. The EP serves as an introduction to the band. The compilation features a Cult of Romance re-mix compliments of super-producer and early supporter Alan Braxe; an Alex Metric re-mix of Lies; their mega-hit Stop and Stare and the recently released dance track In Our Blood. In addition to this first EP, the band will have a special Record Sore Day Release in April featuring remixes by Yuksek, Gemini, Chainsmokers and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Their full album is due this summer. Having overcome a multitude of challenges, finally releasing their music in the US signifies the completion of Fenech-Solers rebirth. This time they can control their own destiny.



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