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Vaguely fuzzed-out rock and roll has several vehicles in the current landscape, but not enough to embody the pure, carnal fun of a riotous riff and a quotable chorus. GUARDS has the fortune of being fronted and run by Richie Follin, part of a family that seems to be becoming indie rock royalty -- sister Madeline is the ladyvoice of Cults -- and shows no signs of waning in producing 60s influenced, head-nod-able bliss. While sister-band Cults prefers the sound of a lazy, optimistic summer, GUARDS occupy a bit of a darker season -- longing, loss, and a six-piece orchestra color the summer a thicker hue of red (but no less hazy).

Captured at Cutting Room Studios, GUARDS play songs from their eponymous EP for John Richards' Morning Show on 90.3 KEXP Seattle in our latest session. Watch them recreate their impeccable sound on live radiojust another reason Richie Follin and company will keep you on your toes.

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Guards was formed in New York City when Richie James Follin returned from a European tour to a recording studio with nothing in it but a broken electric 12 string guitar and an omnichord. He wrote and recorded a few songs for his little sister to sing on ,but ended up singing on the songs himself. He enlisted the help of his friends (Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, James Richardson of MGMT, Loren Shane Humphrey of Willowz) and family (Madeline Follin of Cults) to guest on some songs and they spread the word without his knowledge via twitter and the internet. Then, he decided to give the songs away for free.

Richie James Follin is 27 and he is originally from southern California. He started the Willowz (lead singer and guitarist) when he was 19 in 2002 and has released 4 records with them as well as a solo record and multiple other projects.



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