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Tom Hamilton is only in his mid-'20s, but the singer commands his nursery of American Babies with all the seasoned know-how of someone twice his age. Hamilton's band is large - a co-ed family comprised of two guitarists, a bassist, an xylophone virtuoso (!!), Mr. Hamilton himself, and a solid drummer courtesy of the Benevento/Russo Duo. Such a lineup could easily create a large, boisterous sound, but the American Babies apply a "less is more" mentality to these rootsy, country-infused tunes. When Hamilton strums his acoustic guitar, casually wails into his harmonica, and leads the American Babies in another one of their wistful numbers, he channels a young Gram Parsons (or perhaps a more sober Ryan Adams). And when the American Babies wrap their three-part harmonies around Hamilton's twangy baritone, it's not hard to see this group – and their young leader – enjoying a career as lengthy as those aforementioned luminaries.

- Andrew Leahey

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The origin of this rootsy outfit is as simple as it gets: A group of family and friends decidedly to get together and make some beautiful music. The American Babies, led by singer/guitarist Tom Hamilton and joined by Jim Hamilton, Joe Russo, and Kevin Kendricks, blend their talents and voices into songs about love, loss, and the life of the modern artist. The result is reminiscent of Gram Parsons and Whiskeytown, although the American Babies are quickly carving their own niche in the Americana genre.

In the summer of 2006, Tom Hamilton's American Babies began working with producer Jon Altchiller (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, Phish) on the band's upcoming debut.


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Tom Hamilton's American Babies

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