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Atlanta's musical history is as varied as it is impressive, with the city boasting such hometown heroes as OutKast, the Black Crowes, and Ying Yang Twins. Snowden is rapidly carving a name for itself on that same list, which may seem odd to anyone who has heard Anti Anti but hasn't read the band's bio. With keyboards, dancing drums, and atmospheric guitars, Snowden has all the trappings of a New York City indie-rock act – which means their sound places the group approximately 900 miles from home.

Southern sympathizers can rest easy, though, since Snowden shows no signs of two-timing Hotlanta. The band does look remarkably at ease on the Bowery Ballroom stage, but it's just a sign of an up-and-coming musical powerhouse – not an Interpol clone in the making. Snowden's Southern heritage makes them unique, and it helps them stand apart from legions of other groups who're vying for similar buzz-band status.

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Taking its name from Joseph Heller's Catch 22, Snowden is comprised of Chandler Rentz (drums), Corinne Lee (bass, keyboard), David Payne (guitar), and Jordan Jeffares (vocals, guitar, keyboard). The band formed in 2004, during frontman Jeffares' last year in college.

The group's early recordings consisted of bedroom demos and self-recorded EPs. Indie-radio success in their homestate of Georgia turned into a slew of shows in New York City, and Snowden soon signed with Jade Tree. Anti-Anti, the group's Jade Tree debut, was released in the summer of 2006.


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