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Surrender yourself over to the power of your wildest imagination for a moment. Fantasize about winning a Grammy…perhaps even before your 7th birthday. Imagine bumbling over to your next door neighbor…let's say she is country legend Tammy Wynette…to ask her for a cup of sugar. Now pretend you are a singer songwriter. What if someone like…oh, I don't know…children's author Shel Silverstein critiqued every one of your songs until the day he died. It would be a pretty fascinating way to spend a childhood, wouldn't it? Even more fascinating is that it is something Bobby Bare Jr. can lay claim to. And where so often, the sons and daughters of famous folk waste away the incredible hand they have been given, the powerful pedigree and lifetime of influential relationships bestowed upon Bare Jr. can be heard in this performance at the Bowery Ballroom.

Blown to New York on a carefree combination of crude oil chords and sweet summer melodies, Bare Jr. delivers a well-versed take on authentic country blues and rebellious southern rock. Humid and hazy at time, fearlessly grungy at others, Bare Jr's music let the little whiskey running through my blood do its' job. Whether lamenting for a “Flat-Chested Woman” in two part harmony, moaning and whaling like a real singing cowboy, or rolling through a set of rock and roll barn burners, Bare Jr's accomplished approach rolls on nice and easily…every bit as good as his fathers. Tack his free wheeling' live show on to this, and Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League rollicks like a southern fried Guided by Voices. - David Pitz

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With a big-as-the-room persona, an ability to rock the doors off the most jaded of clubs, the heart to hold a room completely still with just his guitar, and a genius for arrangement, Bobby Bare, Jr. and his band of merry makers are one of the most unique bands around. They are adept at abandoning common sense in favor of laying themselves at the feet of a rambunctious, freewheeling, and unfettered and unhinged muse.

In the late 90’s, he fronted the boss hog rock band, Bare Jr. With their two records, Boo-tay and Brainwasher, they memorably rocked out on a Nirvana-on-Skynryd-not-Sabbath groove, more indebted to the homebrew than "The Other H." These days he keeps himself even busier by appearing on albums by indie rock heroes like the Silver Jews and Frank Black.

Few that we have found can combine humor, pain, and anger in such an effortlessly well-crafted manner. If encountered in public, beware: Bobby is a big, gregarious, good-natured fellow who will giddily talk music (from the Smiths to Roger Miller to Metallica to Dolly Parton--sometimes in one breath) until the bartender is tossing you both out.

From his first release on Bloodshot, Bobby has testified as one of the most innovate songwriters and performers, content on warping the classic Nashville sound and embracing the eccentric.


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Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminals Starvation League

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