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While we certainly have enjoyed many an opportunity to film at some of the cities' bigger venues, this performance from Boston up and comers Medicated Kisses illustrates exactly why cramming into a hole in the wall club is still one of the more exhilarating things one could do with their time. A high energy outfit tailor made for both suburban mall punks and legitimate lovers of rock alike, Medicated Kisses combine wicked smart pop sensibilities with a ferocious fusion of cut throat guitars and bull dozer rhythms. Tag on front woman Alanna V's soulful presence at the helm of the quintet and this band is ultimately a highly polished, yet utterly explosive group stewing a brand of relevant rock that is sure to take them from The Annex to Webster Hall in no time at all. - David Pitz


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Medicated Kisses' unique brand of maximum R&B is a well prescribed blend of pop influence attached to a sturdy rock backbone. Formed in 2005, the Boston band quickly garnered musical comparisons to AFI and Coheed & Cambria, with front-woman Alanna's vocals akin to Christina Aguilera's in range and strength. It was only fitting that in 2006 Medicated Kisses enlisted the expertise of producers Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed & Cambria, Bad Brains, The Sleeping) to mold the band's distinct melodies into the tracks found on their debut self-titled EP (released April 2007). The restless five-piece has played over 300 shows since the band's inception, making for a veracious live experience that never fails to impress. With an unrelenting work ethic and creative drive, Medicated Kisses is poised for a long and steady climb.


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