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These California kids have been out in the sun for too long, and they've got the bright light fever as a result. Symptoms include a fondness for dark rock songs, a reliance on gritty guitars, and occasional neck pain - although that last malady is just a byproduct of the headbanging that usually accompanies these down 'n' dirty rock songs.

So the sickly guys in Bright Light Fever might not be feeling too well, but they definitely sound good. "Deeper Blue" is the major highlight here, with its minor-key harmonies and rhythmic change-ups. The bass anchors the song during one verse, only to be replaced by a dance-worthy guitar riff during the next. Then the band launches into a freewheeling, balls-to-the-wall freakout to end the tune. If you're tired of the sugary, sun-kissed pop that's been emanating from the west coast since the '50s, Bright Light Fever might be just what the doctor ordered.

Who's down with the disease?

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Blues-injected garage rock quartet Bright Light Fever was formed near Sacramento, CA, in 2003 and features brothers Evan Anthony Ferro (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Matt Ferro (guitar) along with Dan Suave (bass) and Robert Torres (drums). The band started as a trio with Evan Anthony Ferro, Sauve, and drummer Charles Dale. In late 2005, after Dale had left the band and Bright Light Fever was going to throw in the towel, Stolen Transmission Records (a subsidiary of Island) had taken interest. The band found local drummer Robert Torres and also added Matt Ferro on guitar. In April 2006, they completed recording for a full-length, produced by Joby Ford (the Bronx) and engineered by Robert Cheek (RX Bandits). Stolen Transmission released Bright Light Fever Presents the Evening Owl in September 2006.


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