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Evan Dando is a genius. Dude can take the stage wearing what appears to be an oversized monk's robe, and the girls in the crowd still go nuts over him. At the same time, Dando's simple attire makes a bold statement. This is the 2000s, the outfit seems to say. The grunge era has passed, Dando isn't trying to capitalize on his studly status, and - most importantly - it's all about the music now.

The music. That's what brought the Lemonheads together in the late ‘80s, and it's what brought them back together nearly two decades later. And even though Dando does ditch the robe in favor of the jeans 'n' t-shirt combo, the music is what guides this rare performance. It's just Dando, two sidemen, and a stockade of pop-rock tunes that span the group's lengthy career.

You want candy? You got it. Reunions don't get much sweeter than this.

- Andrew Leahey

Artist Bio

Frontman Evan Dando formed The Lemonheads in 1986, enlisting the help of two high-school buddies in the process. The group initially focused on punk music and quickly formed a fanbase in their Boston hometown. After releasing one EP and three LPs in the late '80s, The Lemonheads' audience had quickly expanded to include a sizable European fanbase. After four years of DIY success, the Lemonheads rang in the decade with a major-label contract from Atlantic Records.

The band released It's A Shame About Ray in 1992, and Dando quickly become a poster-boy icon of the alternative music scene. He hung out with the Cobains, spent time with Oasis, and maintained a constant presence on college radio. Despite this, the band failed to replicate the sales of their "Mrs Robinson" cover with another commercial single, and The Lemonheads faded into an indefinite hiatus by 1998.

After a nine-year recording absence, Dando reformed the band in 2005. A self-titled album was released by Vagrant Records in Fall 2006. The Lemonheads features a new recording lineup, including former members of The Descendents, and was deemed by AllMusic.com as "the right kind of return for a band that should never have gone away in the first place."

- Andrew Leahey


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The Lemonheads

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