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Pairing up with our friends at Sofar Sounds, we recently hosted a special, intimate gathering in the basement of Baeble HQ, introducing a handful of bands to a roomful of newly converted fans. See, the way these Sofar shindigs work is partygoers have no idea what lies in store for them until the musicians are before them. Kicking off our evening, The Hill and Wood initially revealed themselves as a beautiful, slow burning folk outfit. Lead by principle songwriter Sam Bush, the Charlottesville VA based band eventually kicked a little electric, Southern flair our way, intensifying as the set went along. Have a look at the first of four sessions captured in collaboration with our friends at Sofar.


Well I took this stand to witness to a bench of judges
To tell them what I thought love is
They all had your face
And I raised my hand and stared them all right in the eye
But to my surprise, I had nothing to say
One by one they all left the premises
Left me wondering what the matter was
I had a file of written pages
And I opened up it, I had nothing but X's
And I woke up alone for the first time I can remember
It was the 10th of September, the other days
I haven't looked outside but I heard there's been a change in weather
Since we were together, the other day
Meet my shrink in the morning mirror
Wait for you to make it clearer
Impassive negotiation
Thinking about the other's feelings
It's been so long since the midnight madness
Instead of the battle they wouldn't take her
Trying to figure her to get behind me
Fall back asleep so that you can remind me
One, two, three, four, five, six.
So we leave at dawn, we head for hills that you can always see across
We head for roads that are aglow with little crosses all down the line
Searching for a town where both our busy feet will
finally reach the ground
Wherever both out restless hearts can settle down, we're hoping to arrive
Hide no longer while, forgotten how to see my actions as a child
Who never thought of life as ever on a trial who never made her cry
So take me further west but keep me somewhere
in the middle of the chest
I always thought that I would find
a place of rest somewhere in central time, oh
Over on the coast, don't turn it into such a sorry hapless ghost
I've grown so tired of this sharp and quick riposte, I'm begging for a change
I read in which it's hard, I do with waking up a little
Oh my heart
I only love the places they never saw
I only love what's strange
Ice around the road and the sky is full of love and falling snow
If we survive there will be stories to be told, if only we survive
But that's not to say, that you would rather have it any other way
The higher price is so worth the higher pay with such a soulful, oh
Through the dawn we had the back door
their lies and intruders, trails and seed
Could have sworn he's been here before,
I'm always isn't sure if it'd memory or dream
Winter falls back in the place, I'm waking with my hands to my face
Feel the breath of a terrible beast crawl over my shoulders
and down in my feet
Don't wait here from the shore
Oh, spit all over the floor
Oh, keeps the stranger at bay
Oh, but he won't stay away
I don't fear the things that are dear
Like falling in rivers when I was a kid
All the things that I now fear
All hid in the shadows, still yet to appear
They will come and go, oh
Pull you in for a show, oh
They might not look the same, oh
But they still know your name, oh
All the letters that I wrote to you
Never made it to the postman's hand
All the times I could have followed through
Tried too hard to understand
All the answers that have come to me
Only did 'cause I was serious
All the good that I've seen so far
Ever happened because I've tried so hard
If you come alone
Step right in
Everyone is giving birth to something
When you feel like you're in so deep
You're still looking for the mountain pass
Can't be dreaming if you're not asleep
Got to let it go and that won't last
Was your dark full of diamonds
Got to go and fetch one out
Can you write it honest now
Can you ask a question, hey-ey
You don't need a reason
To let a good thing grow
You can bear it if I say so
- Thank you.

Artist Bio

Hailing from Charlottesville, indie-rock sentries The Hill and Wood have been one of Virginias most critically adored new-fangled band for over two years. Led by Boston native Sam Bush, the band has shifted from their folk-pop roots and integrated themselves into a multifaceted and stratified sound comparable at times to the chamber-pop melodies of Belle & Sebastian, at other times the symphonic, orchestral swells of Bishop Allen and Wilco. The musics firm foundation is Bush's songwriting, deftly communicating the anxieties of expectation and the malaise of the modern identity, all the while uncovering rare and unexpected moments of relief.

After launching their first and highly anticipated full-length album in November of 2011, The Hill and Wood have been touring the country for a year, playing SXSW, CMJ and several other festivals as well as recording a Daytrotter session. Having taken their time to do it right, their sound has grown professional without losing its sincerity, and they bear out a promising sign for what's to come as they begin to record a second album in 2013.



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