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Disclaimer: No felines were mortally injured in the creation of this "Dead Kitten Session". "Dead Kitten" refers to the pelt of "fur" that graces one of our microphones used to capture these (usually) stripped down, often intimate, and always authentic live sessions. Also, we work for the internet...we are required to love cats!

There's a certain ease flowing through the kitschy, shaggy haired rock and roll Cheers Elephant whip up. Like Wind Blows Fire, the band's most recent full-length is light and somewhat quirky, spritzing with easy going 70's guitar work, bluesy rhythms, and back-in-the-day, psychedelic, vocal harmonies. It's a lovely little long-player...a record that while only recently coming to our attention, is actually about 2 years old. Whoops!

Since its' release in 2012, the band have embarked on some new adventures. Most notably, the four members aimed their van for Los Angeles, leaving behind Philadelphia; a city where they came of age, musically speaking. While on the West Coast they've also hit the studio a bit, laying down a few sunny new cuts for a forthcoming follow-up to Like Wind Blows Fire. Our newest Dead Kitten Session finds the band at an interesting moment in their career then, gliding through 3 new songs ("Airliner", "Summer Surf", and "Steak Knife") from an unknown album to be. Crisp, clear, and refreshing; this one goes down easy, and might be the only place to hear a good chunk of the future of this indubitably great, rock and roll band.


I'm not waiting at the door
I'm not sleeping in my bed lah, lah
I'm not waiting anymore
I'm not taking anybody's advice
Was there something in my mind
Was there something on my airline
I'm not falling on behind
I'm just wanna feel it's made of rhythm
I walk around kicking trash up off the ground
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
I'm way down below, have no business where I go
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
It's gonna be just like it would just eh, booyah
I'm gonna tell you what is life in the dillbiyah
And God knows I've got no lives in gorilla, yeah
I've got no line on my silver lining
I walk around kicking trash up off the ground
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
I'm way down below, have no business where I go
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
I walk around kicking trash up off the ground
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
I'm way down below, have no business where I go
And I said "I want my seat on an airliner."
be a reflection of who we all are but, you know, who we are continually changes from album to album, and from day to day of course, so... - It won't be a reflection of how we are necessarily today, but in general who we are as a people, yes.
- I mean it's not gonna be like a different band, but I definitely feel like you get to hear our next record, and you could be like, "That sounds like Cheers" "Elephant.
" But, you're not gonna be like "Oh, that sounds like that song.
", or, "That song, they already wrote.
" So, for example, we got some definitely, some, like, definitely lower BPM grooves coming up, beats per minute for the laymen's term.
Yeah, slowing it down a bit, but not losing the energy.
And we got this, kind of like, some of these songs have this, sort of... how do you describe it? Flow.
- Flow.
- Flow.
- Flow.
Not from progressive, but from, like, our own type of flow.
- Yeah, like a little touching on a little bit of funk, little African.
But yeah, pretty eclectic on the whole.
But, yeah, I'm really excited to go back into the studio, 'cause we're kind of, we cut all the ones that we kind of play live now, and then we're definitely experimenting with a whole genre of new sounds and samples, and all that.
So, it's definitely going to be different in that sense.
I'm all the time, I'm walking in your shoes
Can't find the mind to bring these blues back home
And on your mind I'll send my life away
And in my mind I know that we're okay, Okay
The summer surf to the swell of the ocean
The summer sun puts a swell in my skin, oh yeah
The salty sand puts a coat under my chin
Don't understand all the places I've been, oh yeah
Here I am, I hope I remember
Here I am, I guess I should send her all that I can, yeah
ai, ai, aah
ai, ai, aah
ai, ai, aah
ai, ai, aah
- Elephants look pretty good.
- All elephants are relevance.
- I've met about four.
One painted a picture for me.
I did not, my friend met him.
He was over in Thailand, but he brought me back the picture that he painted.
- Oh, I do remember that, yeah.
I probably met, I don't know, a handful.
- So, it's all based on the first elephant to come over to America from India across the ocean.
And on the boat ride there, they ran out of water, so all they had left were barrels of ale to give to the elephant.
So, they just fed that to the elephant, and he refused to drink anything else from that point on.
So, the captain of the ship took it to Conney Island to turn into a sideshow, to where you'd pay a nickel, and watch the elephant cork a bottle of beer, and put it back.
Hence "Cheers Elephant.
" I don't wanna change my ways La, la, la
Back home in my hair
I don't like being late
La, la, la
But time ain't here
And this life is knocking at my door La, la, la
But life in a hair
Is caught in life to me Yeah, yeah, yeah
On the shape I'm in
All my dreams, my coffee and my cream La, la, la
All over my hair
And that's me, I'm bursting at the scene La, la, la, la
Toss and turn in my bed
And that's life, it's knocking at my door
La, la, la But life in a hair
Is caught in on the scene Yeah, yeah, yeah On the shape I'm in
It's the title wave, it's the perfect game
It's the lie in the dark
It's the tug of rain, it's the shot of pain
It's the hole in my eye Steak knife, steak knife, steak knife

Artist Bio

Dubbed, "Chew it up, Spit it out, Rock and Roll", Cheers Elephant is a tight, rootsy,
psychedelic poprock quartet from Philadelphia, PA...now located in SoCal. Digging deep
into three part harmonies and pop song arrangements, Cheers has a sound thatll make
your dads toe tap, your moms hip shake, and your sisters heart throb.

In 2012 Cheers Elephant released their 3rd album Like Wind Blows Fire, which was the
most successful record to date. Their track 'Leaves' hit #4 on Hype Machine and featured on We Are Hunted, NPR, Ex.FM, Good Music All Day, and Spotify. Cheers has shared the stage with acts like Mayer Hawthorne, Rubblebucket, The Go! Team, The Walkmen, Darwin Deez, Jefferson Starship, The Mother Hips, and more. So, why not take a sip of Cheers Elephant? The buzz is good.



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