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Elizabeth and the Catapult have been here before. Sure, we traded the actual Guest Apartment for the warm glow of Rockwood Music Hall this time around. But our new segment is very much a been there, done that sort of situation. Only this time we did it better...

In the year since we last filmed the Brooklyn pop outfit, E and the C have grown quite a bit. I distinctively remember that last session being charming, but perhaps a bit clumsy...though we'll take the fall for production on that one. Still, the band seem much more polished...damn near perfect, actually. I suspect their time on the road has something to do with their gelling as an outfit. Elizabeth herself actually credits it for helping to inspire (at least lyrically) their new album The Other Side of Zero. It's a record that appropriately enough currently has the band traversing the states in support of yet again.

Before the band took off, we managed to slide them in line for one of our Rockwood Sessions during CMJ. Intimate and personal as always, the video profiles both the band, their latest adventures together, and of course the wondrous music they dream up. An unexpected duet titled "Guardian Angel" leads the way with slow and somber tones...though the feeling doesn't last long. "Go Away My Lover" hits much harder; a riffy little number that packs a percussive punch on the side. Then there's "Race You"; a song the band admits "sounds like a children's song". The band performs two others, though we wouldn't want to spoil too much with copy. Just know that Elizabeth and the Catapult navigate a variety of moods over the course of their performance...an impressive feat indeed. It all makes for a feel good profile of a band we'll always be rooting for. David Pitz

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Elizabeth Ziman, who performs as Elizabeth and t he Catapult, is a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter from New York, living and working in Brooklyn. Shes toured with the likes of Sara Bareilles and Kishi Bashi; collaborated with with Esperanza Spalding, Gillian Welch, Blake Mills and Ben Folds; scored, with Paul Brill, a variety of international award-winning documentaries including Trapped, a Peabody winner; and won the 2015 Independent Music Award for Songwriting, Folk category. Her songs have been featured in national television campaigns for Google, Amazon, Sky TV, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Always writing, Elizabeth has narrowed her vast collection of previously unrecorded material down to her fourth full-length studio album KEEPSAKE, produced by Dan Molad (Lucius) and featuring collaborations with Richard Swift (The Shins). Her most personal and cohesive record yet, KEEPSAKE is about nostalgia and transformation, hope tempered with regretits a distillation of her experience with memories over time shaping her perspective on reality.



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