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Oohlas is an interesting band to behold. Right away, from the set's opening riffs, the distinction of their inspirations is apparent; in their use of guitar echo, one recalls defining techniques of U2 guitarist the Edge, which evokes memories of the "Joshua Tree" era. Then suddenly, a jolt forward into the early Nineties post-punk alternative scene is thrust upon the audience with the introduction of the group's rhythm section. A final ingredient, the wounded yet catchy vocals of lead singer Ollie Stone, completes this transformation, a send up of sounds specifically reminiscent of the Riot Grrl movement from the Pacific Northwest. Without question, Stone's onstage swagger and captivating presence emulates the sentiment of Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill, and yet her band's overall sound exercises slightly more melodic pop in the vein of mid-90s alt-rockers the Breeders. Ollie's voice, regardless of the ferocity of her delivery, has a sweetness to it which makes the poisoned pill of her tortured emotion easier to swallow. It is the most intriguing instrument to comprise this band's sonic canon.
-Justin Thomas

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Featuring ex-Everclear drummer Greg Eklund on guitar, indie rockers the Oohlas are fronted by vocalist/guitarist Ollie Stone and rounded off by Eklund's brother Mark on bass. The trio (they've had no permanent drummer) formed in 2004 after Stone relocated to Los Angeles from Phoenix and met Mark, who was working for Stone's aunt. Mark introduced her to Greg, who had recently left Everclear. Wasting little time, they practiced in Greg's studio and were playing in the Los Angeles area. Within a year, an EP was issue on Stolen Transmission Records, a subsidiary of Island, in February of 2006. In September the Oohlas released the full album Best Stop Pop.


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