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This sort of New Wave revivalism has been around for years, but Monsters Are Waiting have really done their homework. They know that channeling the '80s requires more than a synthesizer and a collection of Joy Division records. They know that adding a touch of reverb to Annalee Fery's microphone will give depth to her voice. They know that the bass can carry a melody, and that the guitar can function as a percussive instrument if it's played rhythmically.

Fery has all the talent and presence of a raven-haired Deborah Harry, and guitarist Jon Siebels (who honed his skills as part of the successful '90s rock trio Eve 6) lends backup harmonies to her cooing vocals. There's enough California sunshine in their poppy melodies to brighten even the darkest Cure-inspired tracks. This may be a congested genre, but Monsters Are Waiting have enough innovation and sheer talent to set their band apart from its '80s-loving contemporaries.

- Andrew Leahey

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The female-fronted quartet Monsters Are Waiting formed in 2005 in Echo Park, California. The band is heavily inspired by New Wave, prompting some reviewers to liken their music to such '80s heavy-hitters as New Order and the Cure. The punky posturing and sheer eccentricity of singer Annalee Fery is entirely unique, however, and debut album Fascination has made Monsters Are Waiting one of L.A.’s most talked-about exports.

Monsters Are Waiting is comprised of Annalee Fery (vocals, keys), Eric Gardner (drums), former Eve 6 member Jonathan Siebels (guitar, bass), and Andrew Clark (bass, guitar).


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