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Jersey - say what you will about the Garden State, but you'd be amiss to dismiss the states' impact on popular music. From classic artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Misfits, and even Bon Jovi, to more contemporary acts like My Chemical Romance and The Wrens; young guitar slingers have plenty of local history to pick apart when deciding who to take cues from. Rather than declare their allegiances for one particular artist/genre over another, Glen Rock's Titus Andronicus apparently chose to plow right through the whole lot. Armed with up to four guitars at a time, this six-piece performance pairs lyrics swamped in boozy angst and attitude with a thrashy brand of devastating blues rock. Not exactly pretty, but that's just the point. Titus Andronicus rather wallop After the Jump with their rusty, ragged, yet decidedly regional, Jersey rock. - david pitz


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A punk-inflected indie rock group whose bawling, thrashing sound reflected a wide range of influences ranging from the Pixies to Bright Eyes to Bruce Springsteen, Glen Rock, NJ's Titus Andronicus formed in 2005 with Liam Betson, Ian Graetzer, Eric Harm, Patrick Stickles, and Dan Tews. The band's debut full-length, The Airing of Grievances (which makes reference to a Seinfeld episode), was released on Troubleman Unlimited in 2008. - allmusic.com



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Titus Andronicus

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