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The first thing worth noticing when Inlets take the stage and begin to play is their quiet and contemplative demeanor. This band isn't here to rock you or make you dance. They are here to make you feel. And if you begin to sway along the way, well that's just the result of good music. Led by Sebastian Krueger - who's pure and soft voice permeates every song - Inlets provide beautiful, often solemn melodies through the use of guitar, bass, keys, and drums. To that, bits of banjo, brass, and toy piano also nuzzle their way into the mix. But Inlets' truest bits of beauty stem from those moments when several voices combine as one to form some of the most gorgeous vocal harmonies one could ever hope to hear.

Performing a combination of songs off of their debut EP Vestibule and a soon to be released new album, Inlets proved to be the perfect way to warm the room, and any chilled bones in the process. - Greg Lozoff


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Under the guise of a lo-fi project out of a Brooklyn nook, he writes songs for the allergic. The nose itching from time spent sniffling at odd ball instrumental writing, Sebastian began sneezing out lyrical melody and form in between writing for a now-defunct instrumental group, and playing and recording regularly in the band, My Brightest Diamond. Upon his kleenex he found traces of flesh toned watercolors and four-part harmony, drops of intimate life moments spelled wrong, and streaks of faces in profile that were unwound from guitar strings.

On Thanksgiving of 2006 Inlets released a free downloadable EP, Vestibule to the praise of blogfolk and netlisteners alike. The band is currently hard at work on Vestibule's follow-up, due out later this fall. - inletsmusic.com


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