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When most bands look to their instruments, they do so with certain sonic expectations. "This is a guitar, you strum chords in a highly organized way, and suddenly a song is born". They are the absolute masters of their craft, skillfully guiding their instruments to the places they need to go. HEALTH - LA's current kings of noise – on the other hand, seem the type of combustible crew more prone to letting their instruments guide them wherever they decide. Sure, the band can fine tune the tone and timbre, but in the end, they are slave to the glorious noise they've built their steady reputation on. - david pitz


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If big, bold, and brash are the wicked ingredients that wet your appetite, Los Angeles experimental quartet HEALTH will probably have you drooling on your own shoe once they finish bulldozing you over. Firing on a plenty of percussive bombast and magnificent, radio static guitar drones, the band's recently released 11 song, 30 minute debut is a devilish delight of noise rock anthems that have had the band name-checked everywhere from hometown publications to England's biggest rock rags. To learn that the band neglected the stale studio environment in favor of a dark, dirty, brick club in downtown Los Angeles for the recording certainly comes as no surprise. HEALTH rumble and roll off whatever walls confine them. - David Pitz



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