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A warning for all those eager to queue up our latest concert release: Foster The People are the kind of band that will completely embarrass you if you think no one is watching (because someone is always watching). Perhaps it will happen when you find yourself stopped at a red light, thumb drumming the steering wheel, tickling the ivory dashboard, windows down, stereo up, shamelessly belting out every, hopelessly out of key note...all to the amusement of the carload of teenagers next to you. Or maybe it's the after-hours cleaning crew that catches you...dancing around your corner office, shamelessly shaking that which should probably not be shook. The subway is also a prime place to let your guard down...headphones cranked, probably to the dismay of the rigid, buttoned-up business man strap hanging next to you. And then there is the shower...there's always a good chance your moment of vocal inhibition will find you in the shower.

Wherever it happens, you're going to get busted. You're going to get caught completely giving in to the head catching melodies, irresistible beats, and glammed out, electronic drama this Southern California band bestow upon their listeners. Our advice when you do? Own it! Crack up, giggle, make a complete "fool" of yourself! And then be sure to share FTP's music with the voyeurs who caught you. They will get it. They will understand. Because these are the songs (all taken from the band's stunning debut Torches) you've been setting your summer to. Which is why our latest, exclusive concert filmed at The Music Hall of Williamsburg is so very special. So lean back, expand this baby to full screen, turn it up, and enjoy. Just be careful. An embarrassing moment may find you when you think you're alone. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Indie rock trio Foster the People make atmospheric, psychedelic, and dance-oriented pop. Formed in Los Angeles in 2009, the band features keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Mark Foster, bassist Cubbie Fink, and drummer Mark Pontius. The trio's single "Pumped Up the Kicks" received significant airplay on KROQ in 2010, and the band quickly began receiving significant online attention. They released a self-titled EP in January of 2011 which featured the song.



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