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The title for Patrick Watson's latest wonder, Adventures In Your Own Backyard implies a healthy dose of curiosity and escapism, with a sense of access. Open your eyes and there is a whole untapped world right at your doorstep. It's a sentiment we took to heart in our latest session video, exploring the urban tucks and folds of the Lower East Side for a suitable location in which to meet Watson and his amicable pack of musicians. What we found was a little green oasis, hiding behind a community center, and framed by the busy back and forth of traffic on either side; proof that wherever you call home, there is plenty of unfamiliar adventure to be had.

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Patrick Watson will be releasing his new album on Domino and Secret City in April of this year. Adventures In Your Own Backyard will be released the week of April 16th in his native Canada, continental Europe and Japan, to be followed the week of April 30th in the rest of the world.

Adventures... was made at home after a grueling five-year run that saw Patrick and his band (bassist Mishka Stein, guitarist Simon Angell and drummer Robbie Kuster) tour the world in support of two critically-acclaimed and successful albums, including the Polaris award-winning Close To Paradise. During this time, Patrick also contributed to Ma Fleur, the 2007 album from The Cinematic Orchestra, co-writing and singing on a sizeable portion of the record.

In Patrick's own words, Adventures... is an effort on the band's part to "make the kind of music we would want to listen to at home." The album's title is a nod to this sentiment and to the fact that it was recorded almost entirely in Watson's apartment in Montreal, unlike his previous efforts which were sprawling recordings in both geography and arrangements.

In spite of the relatively spartan settings in which to record, Adventures... is equally as ambitious as Watson's previous efforts and a thing of dynamic beauty. The result is an album that is still ripe with the touchstones one has come to expect from Patrick Watson and his collaborators, but permeated with a greater sense of patience and confidence. Adventures in Your Own Backyard is an attempt by Watson and the band to simplify their sightsto make music a bit more close to home in every sense of the phrase.



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