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When Blair Van Nort asserts, "All My Friends Are Cowboys", I'm inclined to believe him. With a perfectly shaggy mop to hide behind, and a floppy hat, Van Nort dresses the renegade front man part. Luckily, he knows how to play it as well.

Channeling Iggy, The Stones, The Black Crowes, Muddy Waters, and Buddy Holly "gone bad", NYC's Young Lord's brought the perfect kind of hip poppin' swagger and animal attitude to Baeble Music's monthly Push Play event at The Luna Lounge. Boozy and bluesy, Young Lord's R&B fueled music hits you right in the kisser. Young, brash, highly energetic, and did I mention talented? Don't make the mistake of playing Young Lords off as just another rambunctious retro rip-off. These lads bring equal parts melody and a shellacking stage spirit every time they perform. - David Pitz

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An electric band of fashion and music outlaws, Young Lords are more Fun House than Sweetheart of the Rodeo and more Beggar's Banquet than Honky Tonk Heroes. Lead singer Blair Van Nort and rhythm guitarist/brother Reed Van Nort met drummer Cory Lasser and new lead guitarist Adam Gerard in classes at the New School University, and soon thereafter met bassist Maxwell Silver during a night on the town. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington and NYC, the five-piece found an intersection of sonic styles that incorporated their diverse musical histories.


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Young Lords

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