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The elements incorporated into this band's sound should not make any sense alongside each other, but they do. Infusing backwoods jangle with electro pop and an overall jam band sensibility, the Spinto Band conjure up a refreshing mix that simultaneously emancipates your body and your soul. In the course of the first two songs alone, one can detect influences ranging from the experimental quirkiness of bands like Primus, to the jagged power chord riffs associated with Nirvana and their punk brethren. During the performance of the song “Needlepoint”, the band's keyboardist interjects a new wave synth section which is reminiscent of early Eighties staples Blondie. The Spinto Band glides seamlessly through this wide array of arrangements and influences, bobbing their way through their set list with the audience mimicking their onstage euphoria. With such utterly energetic performances such as this, the Spinto Band proves that it is one of the acts from the indie pool that has the prowess to go the distance.
- Justin Thomas

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The story of the Spinto Band begins deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, where band member Nick Krill was rummaging through the personal effects of his late grandfather, the guitar player Roy Spinto. For years, Roy had penned lyrics on the inside of Cracker Jack boxes, and in one simple juxtaposition of time and fate, Nick found the lyrics that would inspire the creation of the Spinto Band. And they hit the ground running. The energy was undeniable, and it wasn't long before Jon Eaton, Thomas Hughes, Nick Krill, Joe Hobson, Sam Hughes, Jeff Hobson and Albert Birney (who has since left the band to pursue the visual arts) found themselves with a massive musical proliferation at hand.

Eight years and seven self-released albums later, the Spinto Band is in the prime vein of musical prowess. Utilizing an indie-pop sensibility that brings to mind the Flaming Lips and Pavement, their songs can send you careening into the heights of lysergic bliss or provide the catchiest vibes to shake your tail feather to. Either way, this six-piece outfit has the goods to deliver us all from the doldrums of banality.

Currently teamed up with Nashville producing duo, Robin Eaton and Lij (of Alex the Great recording studios), and preparing a May release through Bar-None Records, the band's sound exudes a finesse that belies their youth (their ages range from 20-25). With rich, textured guitars, and multiple-part vocal harmonies, the Spinto Band's repertoire is a maelstrom of indie perfection. It's quirky, energetic, radiant, and aptly engaging.
The Spinto Band has performed with such acts as the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, and Of Montreal. It's an inevitable transgression beyond the words on this page; the Spinto Band excels. Thank you, Roy.



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