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Slipping into summer with our latest Bands + Brews concert featuring the remarkable Epic-signee, Morgan Saint. The concert took place last summer on a Saturday with gorgeous weather. It had been sweltering all day, but just in time to take the stage, the sun began to lower down and a cool breeze started to settle. A lot had been going on that day, too - located at Industry City, there were vintage sales, food vendors, and more, but amongst it all, NYC-based Morgan Saint didn't fail to become one of the main attractions.

Hot off the heels of the release of her debut EP 17 Hero, Saint gave us glimmering performances of "For God's Sake" and "New Regime." Although she was reserved and a bit modest on the surface - after all, she only has an EP under her belt - she delivered an effortless cool confidence. Her sweet and delicate voice was backed by a mesh of synths and hard-hitting drums, as she sang about being "a different breed" - weirdos who will rise to the top. "We are lonely, but we are proud / We are outcasts, but we are brave," she continued to sing, resonating with the crowd, creating a tangible liberation that was very much felt in the air. After her performance we also had the chance to talk to the singer, who was quiet but incredibly sweet, perfectly matching the music she makes. Saint's songs are the perfect way to ring in the summer, with their anthemic hooks and unafraid honesty about being an outcast.

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"Hatred is not in my blood. Euphoria is what I feel in my dreams. Love is what I'm searching for." Those twenty words at the start of Morgan Saint's debut EP, 17 Hero, form a manifesto and a map for the music that follows. Saint's songs chronicle of emotional thrills and crashes, and they challenge preconceptions - notions of how pop can sound, how it works and what it can accomplish. Morgan Saint can turn deeply personal moments into soaring choruses, and transform ear-grabbing hooks into intimate singer- songwriter revelations.

Saint calls her music "moody pop," and says her goal is to craft songs match indelible melodies to lyrics that deliver substance. "I want for it to be super catchy and stay in your head, but I also want to tell a story and have people relate in a way that's real and raw," she says. "I don't want to be afraid to say things that might be a little dark or a little questionable."

The songs of 17 Hero are defined by luscious melodicism and bracing honesty. "Why don't we be friends?" the chorus of "Just Friends" asks. "Why don't we make out?" Later, over the swelling keyboards and bubbling percussion of "For God's Sake," Saint has different questions: "Should I just move on? Or were we brought together by fate?" It's a cross between the directness of a text message and the disarming privacy of a diary entry.

The five songs of 17 Hero track a process of self-discovery, in which Saint herself has become the sort of artist she says she gravitated toward when she was growing up. "During my dark times in high school, I always turned to music," she says. "One thing that helped me a lot was just seeing artists who aren't afraid to be themselves. I've always been a little bit shy. I never feel like it's important to speak unless I have something important to say. And I want at this point to share my stories with the world."



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