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Earlier this summer, California indie-rock band IRONTOM stopped by for an awesome Bands + Brews performance. Their energetic set consisted of several songs from the album they released earlier this year, Partners, including "Be Bold Like Elijah," "More to Explore," and "Not in Front of My Eyes." There's a lot to love about IRONTOM's live performance; from guitarist Zach Irons' seemingly endless solos to lead singer Harry Hayes' intensely expressive faces, their Bands + Brews session is captivating at every turn. Even just watching them on a screen, you can really feel the band's passionate energy.

IRONTOM combines influences from post-punk, prog rock, psychedelia, and funk to create a uniquely driving sound. Although Zach Irons (son of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons) and Harry Hayes grew up playing music together, the whole band came together just five years ago, in Malibu around 2012. They amassed a solid fan base by playing around L.A., and it's easy to see from this session how their high-energy performances could draw people in and turn crowds into fans.



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