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The music of Gainsville, Florida-based five-piece Hundred Waters is a bouyant and kaleidoscopic exploration of sound. This isn't exactly what you'd expect from a band who released their self-titled debut under Skrillex's OWSLA label. Even though they're not his normal musical venture, we totally understand what he sees in this group. They have a knack for injecting their whimsical songs with robust sonic suggestion. For example, "Boreal" emits elements of childlike fantasy with Nicole Miglis's cooling vocal pulse and a constantly evolving, twinkling synth.

The group assembled to cast a sonic spell on those who were lucky enough to be present at the Stereogum party at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel down in Austin. We invite you to this very musical bewitching below.

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Have your boys in their beds Maybe not a hollow Maybe not the... Hear her singing, singing along Add a chorus to her song Sweet as honey in the throne One can sting, can still be stung Is this song to be only sung to entertain?
Ah ah holding on we sit around And watch the wicked take the ground Drink the wine and settle down While the ship goes down and down Holding on we ask ourselves Should our arrow sink our ship? Shouldn't even be so cold Tell a story that's so old
There's a pleasant port where a boy fixed his course On a lesser-trodden landscape north and on his journey boreal met one corporeal One returning journey forth "What draws you to the barren there," he said "That land is nothing but dampen dread And sour berries and rotten cherries And icy rime and that snowy, snowy pine That bleak, bare lawn is woebegone But carry, carry, carry on"
"Oh no," he said "You must have misunderstood It's not the land's comestible goods Not the berry that I seek, but the way it hangs on the arrow wood And I am not after that snowy shawl But the way the faint flakes float and fall And to me that alabaster milky rime Is as sweet as sugar and just as fine And I don't care one bit that the pines are gone But I do care what they look like at dawn I'm not concerned that their life is drawn But what happens to the land without their brawn And so his journey goes, though his story's old But a tale is not trite if it's still being told
I'll sing a song for you Perched and plumed Where were you?
Where were you?
When I ran to you Expecting open arms and warm tea I got sour rind and sop
When I ambled toward you Bridging bramble toward the sea I stuck only in the stubble
The thistle by the barn Rallies its barbs like swords From arid land not wicked, but dry
When I wanted you
When I wanted lift, I got stone When I wanted rest, I got din When I wanted cheer, I got cap When I wanted shade, I got cast When I wanted drink, I got dust When I wanted warmth, I got soot When I wanted food, I got swill When I wanted wool, I got thorns
Thank you guys, we have one more.
We're Hundred Waters.
Thanks, Hype Machine, for having us.
It started out as some things do One must be wild, one thin one should And it spread ahead before me And where I used to run, it outran me Many buzzing fights that we all can... Many, many... And sun will fade We are twisted from fibers one two three And we will wind ourselves till we're...
But that boy is like a... And it sits in many chests But it sits solitary Oh I know it knows me But it has known many more before me From my tissues and from my strengths Since they think you're without stretched hands Say we can sit solitary We can crouch in sanctuary We can gather, gather, gather, gather We can gather, gather, gather, gather I fell into you, hopeful, hopeful
Thanks guys, have a great day.
We're Hundred Waters.
Thanks for coming.

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Hundred Waters is a multi-instrumental indie group from Gainesville, Florida, signed to Skrillex's OWSLA label.



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