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From the snowy white north to sun-steeped Sydney Australia, our latest concert from our friends at Moshcam catches Ontario's happiest hardcore outfit Alexisonfire just in time. What you see/hear before you was part of the band's swansong; a dramatically intense last stand of a tour that only touched down in four countries before the band graciously decided to hang it up in the name of other creative directions. Like the gargantuan sounds the band pummel their audience with, this concert capture is a monster. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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Alexisonfire is a post-hardcore combo formed in Ontario, Canada, in 2001. Vocalist George Pettit, guitarist/vocalists Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil, bassist Steele, and drummer Jesse Ingelevics debuted in 2002 with a self-titled effort for the Toronto-based Distort imprint. The album did very well in Canada, garnering a lot of support for the band from MuchMusic video network. That exposure led to a distribution deal with the respected American hardcore and punk label Equal Vision, which then issued Alexisonfire's sophomore effort in June 2004. Watch Out! was even more ambitious than its predecessor, mixing moments of melodic grace with the wiry explosiveness that Alex had already trademarked. The next year, Ingelevics exited the group to be replaced by ex-Jersey drummer Jordan Hastings, as a split with fellow countrymen Moneen appeared on Vagrant that November. Green also worked on some acoustic solo material, released in 2005 under the moniker City and Colour. Alexisonfire had become an official part of Vagrant's roster by summer 2006, performing on their Warped Tour side stage and releasing explosive full-length number three, Crisis, that August. The guys then hit up the Reading and Leeds festivals in the U.K. prior to embarking on an extensive two-month fall tour of Canada.



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