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Neimo is everything you want them to be: cocky, brash, fashionable, raw, and loud. In other words, Neimo rocks.

This is Euro-rock music to dance to; to fight to; to do risque acts with your significant others to. And with song titles like "Hot Girl" and "Strip For Me," these young French exports do nothing to hide their rock 'n' roll intentions. They'll stamp their feet, bang their instruments, and rock you under your bar stool. Then, while you're down, they'll take off with your girlfriend. If you don't think that's a great recipe for a live show... well, you're wrong. Or you obviously haven't watched the video.

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C'est une annonce officielle; French band Neimo have invaded the USA to permanently brand our red blooded American shores with a singeing slice of fashionable, Euro-rock and roll. Supporting a debut record that captures the raging sound of the Parisian underground, the band recently played an array of delightfully manic sets in Paris, London, and Hamburg. Now Neimo bring the songs of "From Scratch" to New York for the first time.

Sharp, chic, and bubbling with enviable style, these boys look good under American lights. But with singer Bruno Alexandre filtering libertine schoolboy hormones through Camille Troillard's shrewd guitar work, Matthieu Joly's vivid keys, and Alexis Hadefi's relentless synth-punk beats, it is safe to say they sound even better. - David Pitz


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