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You never know what you're going to get when popular child performers grow up. Miley Cyrus has re-invented herself as the poster child of shameless hedonistic pop. Justin Bieber is circling the Lindsay Lohan drain of catastrophic self-destruction. The Jonas Brothers (or, at least, Nick) are doing sexy Calvin Klein ads. And, now, Cody Simpson is looking to make himself the Australian John Mayer. We like the path he's taking the most.

Cody played our Day Party at SXSW in March, and he's not the same baby-faced Australian pop star your little sister was blasting five years ago. Cody is all grown up, and he's peddling a mix of blues and reggae infused guitar rock that will make you leave any "former child stard" apprehensions at the door. Cody is growing up alongside his fans, and watching the maturation of this performer is a magical experience. It doesn't hurt when he puts on as great a set as this one.

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Cody Simpson's third full-length album and first for his very own Coast House Records, Free, signals the start of something new.

"This is the beginning of a long musical journey for me," he declares. "Im sticking to my guitar. I know who I am. I know where Im headed, and thats all I have to say.

In 2014, the Australian-born Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter found himself independent for the first time as he thought this was the best path for him moving forward in his musical career. That independence invigorated and inspired a flurry of creativity as well as an insatiable desire to collaborate. Through a serendipitous introduction, he ended up in a Malibu studio overlooking the ocean with producer Cisco Adler. Within hours, Cody realized he had met his musical soul brother. They immediately began working on what would become Free.

The moment I finally felt I had the tools necessary to execute my vision was when I met Cisco in Malibu, he shares. I was looking at the ocean, and I felt home. It was the perfect environment with the perfect partner to make the album I had always wanted to make. The universe brought us together. I had so much peace, and I was able to move on from the frustrations of my prior situations. I was finally on the right path.

That path saw early morning surfing give way to late night studio sessions marked by laughter, smiles, and countless memories. Nodding to lifelong influences as diverse as Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Sublime, Cody cooked up a sun-kissed sound of his own driven by sandy acoustic guitars, steel drums, soaring solos, and unforgettable hooks.

It sounds like me, he declares. I just wrote, and this is what came out. For the first time, I felt like I properly represented who I am as an artist. Being free from the pop world is the most incredible feeling. I dont have to conform to anything. I didnt think about anyone except for myself and the people who are going to be with me for a long time. I want to bring real music with live instruments back.



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