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We don't get much instrumental rock these days. We're at the point where guitar solos are considered pretentious so a rock band with no vocalists and just multilayered guitar melodies could only rankle these minimalist appetites more if they were reworking Chopin. Those people can kindly sod off. Yeah, lyrics can make it easier to convey mood/meaning, but if you can do that with just a sonic landscape, you're a true master of your art. And City of the Sun are shaping up to be master artisans.

The NYC trio played our SXSW showcase in Austin, and it is a treat for all connoisseurs of guitar rock. It's a delight because it is guitar rock at its most purest. It is nearly all there is (alongside some understated percussion & bells). John Pita, Avi Snow, and Zach Para channel flamenco, folk, and even hints of jazz fusion to create an evocative and enchanting wonderland of guitars that paint a more emotional picture than many artists can achieve with their lyrics.

I'm not saying that every band on the planet needs to drop their vocalist, study classical composition, and channel their modern Mozart, but when a band comes along with the gumption to utterly ignore the established rules of "what it means to be a rock band in 2015," you must at least applause the firmness of their convictions. And City of the Sun displays the confidence and execution of their material to transcend any potential hesitation.


Have Parted, I'm Free""]
- Thank you, guys.
Again, we're City of the Sun from New York City.
Thank you guys for having us down here.
We want to thank Baeble for having us.
This is awesome.
- Thank you, guys.



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