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Since its' inception in 1969, Electric Lady Studios has seen some of the greatest artists and musicians record within its' hollowed halls. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, The Clash, The Rolling Stones...all can credit the studio for laying some of their most well known work to tape. But when the legendary company opened its' doors to us, they did so with a striking eye to the future. Who caught their eye? Promising, Bay Area band Audrye Sessions, that's who.

Filmed as part of a special, Black Seal Records CMJ Showcase, the band's usually flailing brand of rock and roll was stripped of all its' meat and muscle, revealing a surprisingly vulnerable batch of misty eyed, acoustic balladry. - david pitz

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Audrye Sessions are a rock band from Oakland, CA, whose style of music is often likened to British bands such as Muse, Coldplay, and Oasis. Comprised of Ryan Karazija (vocals, guitar), Michael Knox (lead guitar), Anton Patzner (violin, keyboards), Alicia Marie Campbell (bass), and Alex Feldman (drums), the band was founded in 2002 by Karazija and Campbell, who were romantically linked at the time. Audrye Sessions made their full-length recording debut in 2007 with Braille, an independent release that led to a major-label recording contract with the RCA Records subsidiary Black Seal the following year. - all music guide


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Audrye Sessions

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