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They gear up in short shorts (rock and roll faux pas for sure!), sport head bands, yank their socks a bit too far up the leg, and fly around the stage like they were channeling the spirit of some old school NBA player. In (The) Tony Castles, three of Brooklyn's most up and coming kind of musical lads even have a name that suggests vintage hard court domination. But interests lay elsewhere, and this snappy set from the three-piece suggests they're best built for the musical arena. Capping off our Northside Fest Coverage, we present you with some musical newbies we think you should know a little something about in the coming months.

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(The) Tony Castles was born in Brooklyn, NY in August 2008. His family resides in suburban Connecticut and Madrid, Spain. He has great recipes for chicken marsala, pork dumplings and a variety of traditional Italian pasta sauces. He is a diehard fan of the Boston Celtics, and the New York Giants. He played three years of high school varsity soccer and has college diplomas in mathematics, economics, neuroscience and creative writing. He is a devout fan of rock and roll music. A few of his notable favorites include Talking Heads, Suicide, Roxy Music and Nirvana. (The) Tony Castles is a responsible hard worker but probably isnt qualified for the job.


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The Tony Castles

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