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He's a champion for the R&B crooners of the 80's. Had he been around to lace up some platforms in the '70s, Studio 54 would no doubt provide his social circle of choice. You can damn well be sure he knows the back alley shortcuts all the way to Funky Town. That's right. Funky Town. With capitol, proper letters. Not only that, but our latest concert video from Bronx born phenom Gordon Voidwell suggests he may very well be the current mayor-elect of the place, you dig?

Here, the multi-instrumentalist, classically trained vocalist, and freaky fashion connoisseur leads an equally colorful band through a party starting set at the Brooklyn Bowl. Peppered with delicious swings on the hats, clunky throwback synthesizers, and a Roland powered percussive romp, the set made for one sizzling summer night back in June as part of The Northside Festival. With an album dropping in the near future, and more dates on the way, it won't be long until Voidwell rightfully assumes the role he's already won: Mr. Mayor to all the delighted inhabitants of Funky Town. Daaamn...

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Gordon Voidwell is the alter-ego of a Bronx born ex-chorister turned rap geek, Will Johnson.

A multi-instrumentalist, a trained vocalist and a published fashion writer, his music is subversive pop & funk. He uses analog synthesizers and chunky drum machines as the
backdrop for silky, reverb-drenched vocals - reminiscent of Cameo, New Edition and other championed 80s R&B crooners.

Blending old sounds with updated lexicon, Voidwell creates a sonic collage - one that is oh so familiar but at once strange and unusual. This is the point; to embrace the immense void that exists between seemingly opposite ideas of past and future, hip and dorky, pop and indie. That void is the well from which Gordon drinks and he invites you to do the same.



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Gordon Voidwell

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