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On his debut recording Boy, Colin Caulfield - aka Young Man - plays a sweet and simple suite of songs. There is the breath of airy vocals that seem to speak to his musical moniker. Colin could easily be the polite, shaggy haired boy you grew up with living next door. His homemade production technique also ushers in a gentle bout of nostalgia. Boy sounds like the product of a too tiny bedroom doubling for a recording studio.

Except our latest concert release suggests that, though Colin obviously spends a good amount of time plugged into Garageband and the like, he also manages to get out, finding the perfect players to help bring his tender tunes alive in a more energetic kind of light...which is precisely what he did when he brought his tunes to our Baeble on the Bowery Showcase this past Fall.

Here, Caulfield and his band shed the silky fragilities of his home recordings for a more robust kind of sound, even using the occasion to showcase some of their more jammy tendencies. If you're familiar with Boy, it's a live performance that might serve to counter expectations. If you're not, well...we're sure this one will have you seeking out a copy of the EP. Either way, we guarantee you'll enjoy this promising new artist captured in the always nurturing environment of a CMJ day party. - David Pitz

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"It's enough to make you stop and say, What is that? It being the gorgeous melodies and lean, spellbound guitar lines of Colin Caulfield, an English/French lit major who's about to change what it means to be a shape-shifting singer-songwriter in the YouTube age.

Just ask Bradford Cox. He knows. Why, just a year ago, the Deerhunter frontman stumbled upon Caulfield's organ-grinding rendition of Rainwater Cassette Exchange and said it's fantastically superior to the original. It actually sent shivers up my spine, especially during the second verse.

Believe it or not, that chilling cover was just a warmup session. As killer as he is at capturing the very essence of everything from Animal Collective to Ariel Pink, Caulfied's true talent is in telling his own Young Man stories. The first chapter of which goes by the name Boy, a deceivingly-simple suite of songs about wanting to grow up without having the slightest idea of what 'being a man' actually means.

Now that's a reason to hit rewind, from the tone-setting tenderness and psych-infused harmonies of Five to the restless rhythms (Caulfield was a drummer well before he became a singer/guitarist) and room-engulfing intimacy of Up So Fast. Both of which feature some of the most hopeful/haunting choruses you'll hear all year.

And that's just the beginning, of course. Since Young Man was conceived as a concept project about the passing of time, love, and loss, Caulfield already has two loosely- linked LPs on tapa faceless collection of fragile characters that could be any one of us, really.

A lot of it's autobiographical, explains Caulfield, but it's universal at the same time, because everyone goes through these things.

Listen closely. It'll all make sense soon enough. Trust us."



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